Afghanistan Dry Fruits

Naturally grown and good for health, these dry fruits are the specialty of Afghanistan.

Afghanistan Saffron

The luscious strands of saffron will add a natural flavor and aroma to your dishes besides being rich in essential nutrients.

Malaysian Fountains

The Malaysian fountains are perfect for creating a positive and serene ambience in your house.

Bangladesh Jamdani Sarees

These are feather-light and luxurious sarees with fine motifs woven, giving it a grand finish.

Thailand Accessories

The exotic collection of Thailand cosmetics &  accessories will leave you wanting for more!

Turkey Crystal Lamp Shades

The Turkish crystal lamp shades - timeless and too beautiful to describe!

Afghanistan Onyx Marble

The majestic statues made of Onyx marble are something that you will never find in the malls!

Netherland Quilts

A multi layered textile traditionally composed of three layers of fiber combined using the process of quilting.

Iran Saffron

Iranian saffron, the magical ingredient from the Persian culture is so famed that it is also known as 'Red Gold'.

Egypt Antiques

Old is gold. The Egyptian antiques are a sight to behold at the exhibition.

Kashmir Shawl

The luxurious Kashmir shawl are made of fine Shahtoosh or pashmina wool by the Kashmiri weavers.

Delhi Ponchos

The stylish collection of ponchos can be a wonderful addition to your wardrobe!

Maharashtra Handloom

Maharashtra handloom offer the finest collection of designer sarees, textiles and bedsheets.

Delhi Berg Industries

Berg electric tandoor and steamer are one of the hottest products in every exhibition.

Rajasthan Marble Statues

The white marble statues are meticulously carved by the skilled artisans from Rajasthan.

Karnataka Ayurvedic Oil

For all your body pain problems, the Karnataka
ayurvedic herbal oil is the ultimate solution.

Delhi Kitchenware

The innovative kitchenware from PlastCare are an apt choice for your daily cooking.

West Bengal Gold Jewellery

The gold jewellery from West Bengal is one of the most sought after products at IIMTF.

Jharkhand & UP Carpets

Carpets, a popular choice for interior, have topped the list in the last few years as the most sold out product.

Delhi Wooden Clocks

The wooden clocks and wall hangings are a classic choice for Home & Decor.