Exhibition Manual


Organiser reserves the right of participation in case of any company participating in the respective fairs.

Extra Premium on Rates

A stall of TWO/THREE side open will be charged @10% extra on rental


Stalls will be allotted on the basis of first come first serve basis. Letter, allotting the Stall, will be issued after the receipt of full payment from the concerned participants.


The organiser reserves the right to reallocate space, change the layout, add or delete corridors in space plans-which may affect the orientation of some Exhibitors. The decision of the organizer shall be final. The organizer also reserves the right to turn down applications for participation, or even deny participation to Exhibitors already confirmed.

The Exhibitor, any Company/Organisation participating in the respective fairs enters into a contract, with the organiser upon submission of this document. The participant (Proposed Exhibitor) agrees to participate at the respective exhibition and to abide by the regulations handed out to the participant, before the exhibition. Upon any breach of contract by the participant (Proposed Exhibitor), the participant is liable to pay the space rentals in full to the organizers.

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Stand Design, Display & Removal

Every exhibitor will have to submit in advance their stand drawing and to scale mock-up, complete with details of Exhibit, electricity requirements and other installation and elevation in four copies for approval of the organiser. Extra electricity load is chargeable.

Exhibits for display during the the fair can be brought into the fair ground two days before the inauguration day.

Stand Completion

By 20:00 hours on day before the inauguration day.

Removal Of Exhibits

Exhibitors can remove their materials from the exhibition venue between 10AM to 8PM on the next day after the completion of the exhibiton provided they obtain valid “Gate Pass” issued by organiser on receipt of full payment. Organiser will not be responsible if exhibitor fails to comply with the rules & regulations for exhibitors.

Damage to The Fair Ground

Exhibitors will be required to make good all damages or make payment in lieu of damage to the fair ground, facilities etc. incurred during setting up and/or fair period and/or dismantling period.

Handling Of Exhibits, Customer & Importers

Service for handling, clearing and forwarding will be available at the fair grounds at extra cost. The organiser will appoint Clearing and Forwarding Agents for the respective fair, who will assist in handling and completing customs formalities, if required. The exhibitor will be required to contact them directly for such assistance. Movement of exhibits in the fair grounds by agencies other than the official Clearing and Forwarding Agents is prohibited.


In case the booking is cancelled within less than 1 month before the fair, the booking amount will be forfeited.


Against all ascertainable risk from transportation to display and removal or from flood, fire, burglary, accident, death, etc. should be done by the exhibitors at their cost. Organiser will in no way be responsible.


The organiser reserves the right to photograph or videograph any exhibit for his use.

Settlement of Dues

Any and all expenses payable by exhibitors must be settled before taking possession of the stall/s and obtain “Clearance Certificate”. The “CC” will be valid for taking possession of stalls and “Gate Pass” which will be issued subsequently on the last day of the exhibition to ensure smooth removal of goods from the fair site after the payment and other formalities are completed.

Dispute Resolution & Governing Law

All unresolved matters, questions, disputes or differences whatsoever arising between the exhibitor and organisers shall be settled by arbitration in accordance with the rules of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996. The Arbitration agreement contained in this paragraph shall be solely and exclusively governed by the laws of India.

Force Majure

If the exhibition is abandoned, cancelled or suspended in whole or in part by reason of weather, war, fire, national emergency, labour dispute, the non-availability of exhibition premises or any other cause, not within the control of the organisers, the organiser may, at their entire discretion, repay the rental paid by the exhibitor, or partly thereof, but shall be under no obligation to repay any part of such rental and shall be under no liability in respect of any actions, claims or losses.

Merging Pavilion

Organiser can mix up to two pavilions into one.

Deduction of TDS

TDS @2% to be deducted after adding Service Tax.