Associate Sponsorship

The total value for becoming our Associate Sponsors would be Rs. 5 Lakhs + GST. The esteemed organization will be entitled to 1 free stall of 3 Mtrs x 3 Mtrs. and the name will be highlighted as 'In Association With' in our high-powered publicity campaigns as mentioned below.

Advertisement insertions in leading newspapers. 


Social Media

TV Advertisements

Radio Jingles

Venue Branding

Invitation Cards, VIP passes and every other collateral to promote the event

Main Gate of the Venue

Fair Tickets

Participation Badges


India International Mega Trade Fair in all its collaterals as mentioned below in detail shall be highlighting your company name as follows:- In Association With ‘your company name’.

Kolkata invitation

Campaign in Leading Dailies and Newspapers like Telegraph, Anand Bazar Patrika, The Times of India, Aajkal, Sanmarg, Aeysamay and many more with full page/half page/quarter page advertisements amounting to a total spend worth approximately Rs.1 Crore would carry your company name under 'In Association With'

Equivalently all hoardings too would have your logo presence in a prime location with maximum visibility with a spend of approximately Rs.50 Lacs in hoardings.

Radio jingles too would carry the message 'In Association With' in all our jingles in a spend of around  Rs.10 lacs.

The following promotional activities will also be carried out and would carry your logo presence in a huge way to give a constant reminder of your brands' presence in the fair. 
-All entry tickets, invitation cards, exhibitor badges and car parking stickers would carry your logo.
-Logo presence in all Social Media Campaigns worth approximately 10 Lacs.
-Logo presence in our Mobile Van advertising and other outdoor media worth approximately 10 Lacs.
-Mention of your brand in Local Cable Television Scrollers promotional activity worth Rs.5 Lacs.
-Your logo presence in all our venue branding worth approximately Rs.10 Lacs.


Our esteemed sponsors will enjoy all these benefits during the 17 days of the India International Mega Trade Fair

We can give you exclusive branding in the following numbers- 1 Main Hall Glass Panels, 5 Roman Banners, 2 Dropdowns, 10 Pathways, and many more. We shall give you across all these options ensuring you the best of visibility in a big big way across the entire venue.

We can also have a physical tour of the venue and decide on the options. Flex and frame banner both we shall provide for the same. We would just need your designs.

Every place where IIMTF is highlighted and promoted in the venue including the main gate it would have your name highlighted above as well.

The privilege of being in the dais with Central Ministers and Chief Minister of the state as we are expecting them to inaugurate the fair and only our presenting partner will get a chance to be on the dais with them and also give a short speech along with our other committee members.

This entire ceremony will be covered by all forms of media extensively, further sending the message that your company is a huge leader in the industry by sponsoring such a prestigious event.

Six stalls area around 600 sqr ft in prime position at no additional cost which itself comes up to worth Rs 8 lakh.

Our entire campaign on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and Digital Media along with SMS and Email which covers the past database of the city would be focusing on IIMTF with 'your company name' presents and we ensure a huge buzz about the fair in the city as we have a spend of 70 lakhs on the same.