8 Reasons Why Brands Become A Sponsor At The India International Mega Trade Fair (IIMTF)

India International Mega Trade Fair

Sponsorship helps businesses reach quality audience and create brand awareness amongst consumers. People are comfortable buying products from trusted brands. With 26 years of service in the exhibition industry in 7 cities, the India International Mega Trade Fair has become the leading B2C and B2B consumer fair in India. Through sponsorship at IIMTF, companies can leverage the power of collective credibility. So, here are 8 reasons why brands become a sponsor at the India International Mega Trade Fair.

1. High Footfall


For the past 26 years, the mega trade fair has been organized multiple times in different cities. Every year, substantial growth has been witnessed in the footfall of visitors. With the staggering participation of 20 countries and 22 states, the trade show attracts a lot of visitors and has become the go-to place for shopping exclusive products from different countries and states under a single roof!

With social media marketing, hoardings, pole kiosk advertisements, newspaper advertisements and radio advertisements, we make sure that our trade show becomes the talk of the town! The media coverage of the inauguration ceremony and the entire exhibition also helps in creating awareness among the citizens!

2. Winners Of Multiple All India Exhibition Excellence Awards

IIMTF Exhibition Excellence Awards

IIMTF is a winner of multiple All India Exhibition Excellence Awards for categories like Best Consumer & Houseware Award, Top B-City Show Winner, Top Exhibitor & Visitor Value and many more. Throughout the journey, we have always worked consistently in the direction of its motto: “Our Business is to grow your business”. The awards are simply a testament to our service in an ever-changing market.

3. Social Media Marketing

Facebook post of the products

Brand awareness on social media is crucial for any business. With a rapid increase in the number of people using social media, it is very important for any business, be it local or international, to reach out to potential customers.

With the social media presence of the mega trade fair on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn, our sponsors can increase their brand awareness and also educate the audiences about their products and discounts at the trade show.

4. Venue Branding

iimtf venue branding sponsors

Venue branding is absolutely crucial as it catches the attention of the visitors. At the IIMTF venue, we put hoardings of our sponsors. Brands can use these hoardings to make visitors aware of their products or services.

They can also educate the visitors about their upcoming products or services, brand credentials, their social media handles or website and so much more. This helps our sponsors to stand out from their competitors and use venue branding strategically to increase their brand awareness.

5. Brand Visibility

iimtf brand visibility

Brand visibility is very important in a competitive and ever-changing market. Our sponsors can leverage the hoardings, newspaper advertisements, pole kiosk advertisements and radio advertisements of IIMTF to get maximum visibility among the people in the respective cities.

This combined with venue branding and social media marketing can boost the visibility of the brands and help them reach out to quality audience through digital and offline marketing.

6. Get To Choose That Special Location Of Your Stall

Stall Layout

Prime stall locations at an exhibition can be game-changing as they attract maximum footfall. Sponsors can enjoy the privilege of selecting a traffic-driven location in the pavilions.

A good location can be at the entrance, at the junction of two busy aisles, near the cafeteria or large brands. This gives the sponsors an excellent opportunity to stand apart from their competition.

7. An Extra Revenue Never Hurts

Visitors shopping at IIMTF

The well-established brands always earn more on a normal basis than local brands in the market. But through sponsorship, the local brands can compete and attract more visitors or the missed out buyers who otherwise prefer the big brands. This can induce more sales for the businesses and they can easily convert their investment into extra revenue!

8. Stay Shoulder To Shoulder With Your Competitors

Two exhibitors from the same industry

In today’s challenging market, it is paramount for any brand to stay shoulder to shoulder with its competitors. The trade fair attracts a lot of sponsors in all the cities every year. So, any brand participating in the exhibition cannot let their competitors have that extra edge!

With all the privileges a sponsor can enjoy, it is crucial for any business to be one step ahead of the ones that do not grab this opportunity.

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