5 Reasons Why You Must Exhibit at IIMTF Kolkata Despite COVID-19

India International Mega Trade Fair (IIMTF) Kolkata

2020 has been a dreadful year, especially for the business community. With the lockdown imposed for almost 7 months, the financial blow dealt has been irreversible! As the restrictions are slowly being lifted with the year coming to an end, it’s paramount for all businesses to get back on track while simultaneously adapting to the New Normal. Keeping this in mind, the India International Mega Trade Fair (IIMTF) is back with its 19th edition at Kolkata from 23rd December 2020 till 3rd January 2021 at Science City. For all those who are wondering, 

  • An exhibition during COVID-19? 
  • Will it be profitable enough? 
  • How will visitors react to a trade show during such times?  

Don’t worry, we give you 5 reasons as to why YOU MUST EXHIBIT at IIMTF Kolkata this December despite COVID-19!

1. Recover Business Loss Due To COVID-19

Recover Business Loss Due To COVID-19
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From small businesses to big brands, there’s no denying that the pandemic has disrupted commerce and trade. While the economy is opening slowly and steadily, it will take a lot of time for businesses to recover. To kick-start economic activities, IIMTF, which is one of the largest and renowned shopping events in Kolkata is the perfect platform!

With 26 years of service to the exhibition industry, the India International Mega Trade Fair is the leading B2C and B2B exhibition in India. So, the trade show is the best opportunity to bridge the gap between, businesses wanting to bounce back and visitors that are yet to complete their year-end shopping quota!

2. Reduced Competition

Reduced Competition
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Every year, we have a lot of exhibitors participating from different industries. So, all the halls would be packed. This created a lot of competition among the exhibitors. This year, in order to maintain social distancing, we will be using only half the stall area i.e 50% of the actual capacity of stalls.

This in turn dramatically reduces the competition and doubles the passage area for visitors! In this way, all the safety norms are followed, exhibitors get a better opportunity to stand out and we can still have a substantial footfall of visitors.

3. Hassle-Free Shopping

Hassle-Free Shopping

This year the entire process of booking tickets for the trade show will be online. We want to ensure that we create a safe buying experience for all our visitors. The tickets for the fair will be pre-booked starting from November 15. We will use our Book My Fair app and the Book My Show app. 

For the 12 days of the trade fair, there will be 4 separate slots for visitors in order to avoid any form of mass gathering. The venue will be sanitized daily. Wearing a mask would be compulsory. This will allow visitors to visit the entire fair and have a pleasant shopping experience.

4. Best Time Of The Year

Best Time Of The Year
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The 19th edition of IIMTF Kolkata will last for 12 days, starting from 23rd December 2020 till 3rd January 2021. With Christmas just a couple of days later followed by New Year, the trade fair becomes the perfect shopping destination to end the year on a good note.

We have strategically chosen the dates as there are a total of 7 holidays in these 12 days! With pre-booked tickets and an intense marketing campaign, the exhibitors have a golden opportunity to do the best business they can!

5. Quality Audience

Quality Audience

The focus of our marketing campaign has been on a serious buying audience. Because of the restriction on mass gathering, it is crucial that we focus more on quality than quantity. As the average time spent on digital platforms has surged during the lockdown, we are making sure that we promote the event through all possible digital media rather than relying on traditional marketing.

With all the safety precautions in place, a robust marketing plan, pre-booking of tickets, and a schedule lined up with holidays, we expect a high quality of buyers at the India International Mega Trade Fair-Kolkata 2020.

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